Australia Day

So this is the first time I’ve celebrated Australia Day since I can remember. I’d been invited to Max’s “legendary” annual Australia Day event the past two years but didn’t end up putting in an appearance because I’d either been working, or wasn’t going to know anyone there except for Max. This year I decided to bring Aimee with me. I’d introduced her to my friend Max a couple of times and they got along well so we thought, why not? The theme was “back to school”, and was to feature “great food, good company and a few cheeky games as we follow the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown.”

Aimee and I began the day with brunch – at 11.30am. It was a rather expensive meal, including a 15% surcharge due to it being a public holiday. I don’t mind paying for good food but the portion sizes – please. I don’t want to pay main meal prices for appetisers. Starved. The food was okay, but not “oh my god worth every cent I have to bring everyone back here” good. Luckily, we walked past this gelato place on the way to Max’s which Aimee said I “must try”. They make everything on site. If you’re in Newstead, I cannot recommend enough that you get over to La Macelleria Gelateria. The prices are reasonable – a small is $4.50 and you get two DECENT sized scoops, which are enough to fill you up. I had pistachio and bacio (which had full sized hazelnuts through it). It was honestly the best gelato I have ever had. So fluffy and light, and the flavour so authentic and moorish! I savoured every little spoonful!

Anyway – after my rather orgasmic gelato experience, it was time to head to Max’s. I was a bit apprehensive when we first arrived because I pretty much only knew Max. Had briefly met a couple of his other friends but pretty much was an outsider. Then I found out quite a lot of people there didn’t know each other. It wasn’t long before Aimee and I were mingling, Aimee enjoying a couple of beers and I sipping on Sangria from a glass that was continuously topped up by Max’s lovely mother. Max is all about bringing rad people together.

I got along particularly well with one of Max’s friends. You know what I really appreciate? People who can throw good chat/banter. So I had my assigned partner in crime for the evening. We had a lovely time trying on/layering different hats from Max’s diverse collection (you were supposed to wear crazy hats, but I was a bit late to that memo). Also had a great time chatting cross legged, face-to-face on the floor of Max’s room about random life antics, travel, work and the other characters at the party. At one point a group of five people got trapped in the elevator (we were on the sixth floor/higgest floor) of this beautiful apartment building looking over the water), so we had to run down and back up six flights of stairs to retrieve something from his car. Always good to get a bit of cardio in at a party.

It’s always just a really wonderful feeling to meet someone you instantly get along with and with whom you share a sense of humour. Good chemistry and on-point banter made my party experience. That’s all you need sometimes. And also really, really beautiful eyes.

Ended up crashing at Aimee’s house because public transport home was not happening. Coming home the next morning in my “school uniform” costume was fun, I’m just glad I’d brought sunglasses to look more badass.


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