Corbett & Claude


Today I went to Corbett & Claude in Garden City for the second time, and I can honestly say both experiences have been delightful. In a completely unoriginal manner, I ordered the same dish both times, and was not even remotely disappointed!

Corbett & Claude is a casual dining Italian-esque style restaurant with locations in Garden City, Brisbane CBD, Indooroopilly and Rhodes in Sydney. Casual dining allows for both table and bar service depending on what each patron is most comfortable with. The menu features some delicious share plate entrees, gnocchi, salads, pizza, burgers and desserts. My favourite part about the menu is the “Feed Me” option, in which you simply ask the waiter to “feed” you, and are presented with a selection of house favourites until you say “stop”. Definitely something I will be bringing Sean to try.


Unfortunately I am yet to try the pizza, gnocchi or burgers, but updates to this post will come accordingly. I can however, highly recommend “The Goddess” salad, made up of baby spinach, kale, feta, quinoa, avocado, cranberry, pumpkin seeds and fresh lime dressing, to which I also added haloumi and grilled chicken, of course. ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS.


My lunch companion today was Fiona, who ordered a Ham & Mushroom pizza, with added pineapple, which of course triggered a debate about whether or not pineapple should go on pizza. Personally I don’t prefer it, and I’d rather keep my sweet and savoury dishes separate, but being a major fan of food in general, I won’t be particularly bothered by its presence if it happens to be there.


I love gourmet pizzas. Corbett & Claude’s are medium sized, with a light doughy base and enough topping to cover the base without being overwhelming. I tend to like pizzas a little heavier on the toppings, but sometimes it’s nice to go with the lighter option. Definitely fresh, flavoursome and well cooked.

Something else I really liked about their menu, is the option for all pizzas to be served on a gluten free base as well as the availability of vegan cheese. I’m not a vegan myself, but I LOVE vegan cheese, which is generally made of nuts, usually cashews or macadamias. If you’ve got an adventurous palate and you love nuts, definitely give it a go (especially if you can’t have dairy)!

Corbett & Claude also features a wide range of interesting cocktails, beers, ciders and wines.

The Garden City location is bright and open with lots of seating indoors and outdoors. Also the staff a pretty attractive, so if you like a little eye candy with your meal, you’re in luck! This will definitely be one of my regular meet-up spots.




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