Studio Pilates

This morning my alarm went off at 4.15am, 4.16am, 4.17am, and 4.18am; as per usual when I need to get up in the morning (I have absolutely zero faith in myself to wake up at just one alarm). I had a 5am reformer pilates class scheduled at the Wellington Point Studio Pilates. I have been attending this studio for 3 months now, and am loving the endorphin high post class, and how strong I am getting. This morning however, I seriously contemplated rolling back over and falling asleep.

My favourite reformer at Studio Pilates Wellington Point.

It was a Friday morning, and my fourth class in a row for the week. I usually try to attend at least three a week, but this week I’d been feeling especially keen. Until this morning, of course. You see, my class yesterday had been quite high intensity, and I seemed to struggle just a bit. I just hadn’t been feeling my strongest, maybe I was overtired or run down, but I didn’t feel as strong as I normally do. On top of that, I’d had a restless, humid sleep with creepy, haunting dreams.

Alas, I dragged myself out of bed, threw on a sports bra, tights, a comfy singlet and my grippy pilates socks, then headed off to class.

My favourite thing about attending the first class of the day, the 5am session, is getting to drive for 20 minutes in the dark, with very few cars (tradies aside) on the road. Something about blaring my music, with the window down and the breeze gently waking me up, is just so damn relaxing.

When I got to class, my favourite reformer was occupied. I’d been held in traffic by road works for five minutes, and thus arrived at class exactly on time for warm up stretching. No biggie, I can work out fine on a reformer on the opposite side of the room…

Stacey, my favourite instructor, ran us through an interesting abdominal and upper body workout. This was refreshing, as there had been a big focus on butt moves this week. As soon as I started class, I felt incredible. I felt stronger than yesterday, and made an effort to take the moves that little bit further, to really feel the burn.

Picture from Studio Pilates Facebook page, pack available for purchase in studio.

After class, I felt so much better and energised, despite my restless dreaming. That’s the wonderful thing about reformer pilates. It doesn’t matter how you feel before the class, you are guaranteed to feel like a warrior by the end! I always do. Especially when we’re focusing on our abdominals and butt.

Reformer Pilates is an exceptionally exhilarating way to work out. I quit my gym membership when I started attending classes frequently, combining my pilates with long power walks, resistance and weight training and workout videos to keep me fit and healthy. Honestly I’ve never felt better, stronger, and in such good shape!

If you’re looking for something a little alternative, that is definitely guaranteed to give you a good burn, I highly recommend giving reformer pilates a go. You might just fall in love, as I have.

Studio Pilates studios are all independently owned, with several locations around Brisbane, and now even moving interstate. At the Wellington Point studio, the instructors are warm, welcoming and highly knowledgeable, challenging you to build your strength, push your limits and make yourself feel amazing. They look after each and every one of their members, making you feel like part of a family.

Also, they do a fantastic 6 classes for $60 introductory offer. How can you say no to that?

Studio Pilates like to demonstrate fun pilates moves with a cartoon Dalmatian on Facebook.

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