Flannerys Natural & Organic Supermarket

On the weekend of January 21st to 22nd, I was fortunate enough to attend the grand opening of Flannerys Natural & Organic Supermarket in a new Victoria Point location.

Mom and I began the Sunday with a free yoga class at 8.15am, run by the owner of Enso Yoga, a studio also situated in Victoria Point. The yoga class was relaxing and a little bit challenging in terms of me having terrible balance, but otherwise quite relaxing considering I am very flexible and very familiar with the moves we practised from my own yoga practise and pilates. Mom – who hasn’t done yoga in years – did an amazing job at keeping up and flexing into the poses. What a glorious way to begin the day.


Following yoga, we were treated to free cayenne pepper kombucha and a large organic coffee at the Refuel Bar.


Apparently there was meant to be muesli also, but we never saw that. We got to sample some natural CocoWhip, which I was super excited about considering the closest CocoWhip before now has been at the Gold Coast.

After finishing our coffees, we headed outside again to the stalls where several brands were demonstrating their products. There were also numerous guest speakers who presented compelling talks on health and the body.



Speaking to some very knowledgeable company ambassadors, we tried vegan coconut chocolate mousse, organic popcorn, GinGin ginger chews, several Amazonia Raw protein powders as well as Acai, Kind cold brew coffee, crispy vegetables crisps and our personal favourite, Coyo ice-cream. The Coyo representative was Canadian and she was super enthusiastic and lovely, allowing us to sample the new ice-cream flavours in Black Forrest, Coco Latte, Blood Orange & Mango and Salted Caramel. There was also a Banana & Wattleseed flavour which was apparently quite mild and a Strawberry & Hibiscus which we did not sample. It was hard to choose, but I ended up purchasing the Black Forrest and Coco Latte which I will be using to make iced coffees. I really wanted to buy Salted Caramel also, but will have to save for next time. Because we purchased those two tubs however, we were also treated to 2 single serve tubs of Blood Orange & Mango which was absolutely divine with an extremely fresh, tropical sorbet-type flavour.

I also bought So Delicious Chocolate Cookies & Creme cashew milk ice-cream, because my sweet tooth couldn’t resist and it was 15% off. The grand opening had loads of fantastic savings! I got 20% off Amazonia protein, so I bought a 1kg tub of the Cacao & Macadamia, which I highly recommend. Here is my haul:


This was me being “frugal”. Also got my favourite Bergamont & Lime deoderant for 15% off, some organic multigrain sourdough, two coconut oils for $20, and some bulk bin buys, all for 15% off. From the bulk bin I got french vanilla granola, choc coconut paleo granola, chickpea crisps, himalayan rock salt and my absolute favourite, dark chocolate covered coconut chunks! IF YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED THESE GO AND BUY SOME IMMEDIATELY!!! You will not regret it. Think they’re going to be my new favourite treat item.

There was a wide range of everything you could possibly need from fruit and vegetables, to dairy, to nuts and flours, to breads, meats, toiletries and vitamins.


I am so UNBELIEVABLY excited that all these wonderful brands and products are now available in the Redlands. It’s so amazing to see the world starting to evolve to re-integrate healthy, natural and organic food. I am definitely going to be a regular customer!


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