Raw N More Cafe

Sean’s parents have taken themselves on a mini two week holiday to Canada, so Sean is house sitting their beautiful home in Bellmere to look after the three dogs, two cats, horses, chickens and cows. This has to be one of the most peaceful, noise pollution-free places I have ever been to, and luckily I get to spend some time here while I don’t have any shifts back home.

Sean has gone off to work whilst I am home hanging out with the animals, blogging and doing yoga in the peace and solitude, surrounded by beautiful, authentic nature sounds and loads of friendly, happy animals.

For breakfast, I decided to scope out the healthy cafe scene in the area and take myself on a little brunch date. Upon googling “healthy/vegan cafes” in the Morayfield/Caboolture/Bellmere region, I stumbled across Raw N More Cafe in Morayfield, which had glowing reviews online. Off I went.

This gorgeous little cafe is situated in a small shopping precinct, with indoor and outdoor seating and super warm, bright lighting. Free WiFi is also available.


The cafe is apparently renowned for creating beautiful and delicious vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free cheesecakes, which are available for order online. There is also a display cabinet filled with healthy goodies, all of which are made on site!

snip 3.PNG

Upon looking at the menu, I decided to move away from my usual go-to of smashed avocado and poached eggs, and give the “Vegan Breaky” a go, with a coffee frappe on coconut milk and raw vegan double chocolate cheezecake.

The double chocolate cheezecake was absolutely divine! Chunks of hard dark chocolate swirled through it, adding texture and crunch. The coffee frappe on coconut milk was also delicious. It felt light and strong, without being overwhelmingly bitter. Definitely a refreshing option in the current Australian summer heat.

When my “Vegan Breaky” came out, I was unbelievably relieved I did not add poached eggs as I had initially planned. It was impressively huge!!


Smashed avocado (I still managed to sneak it in) on sourdough with tomatoes, mushrooms, falafel, a tomato bruschetta and sweet potato fries was the cafe standard, however I was surprised to find meat free bacon present also, which had not been originally in the breakfast description. I was delightfully surprised at how delicious it was. Having never actually tried “meat free meat” this gave me the opportunity to see what it was really like. Whilst it had a somewhat bacon-y flavour, the texture was more similar to a soft jerky. When I asked the owner about it, she mentioned she had picked it up from Drake’s Supermaket (which was also in the precinct) and had decided to experiment with it on me. I was extremely impressed, usually if you want something special like that you have to pay some ridiculous amount extra ($7 to add smoked salmon, am I right?!), so I felt very fortunate to have tried this when I probably never would have taken the leap and experimented with it on my own.

I am not familiar with Drake‘s, given I live about 80km south of Morayfield, however I made a conscious effort to go for a browse so I could show you the “bacon”.


The avocado was an adequate serving. As far as I’m concerned you can never have enough avocado, but some cafes give you the tiniest little spread. There was sufficient avocado in this dish in terms of taste without over-dominating the plate and detracting from the other elements (not that this ever bothers me). I fancy myself somewhat of a sweet potato connoisseur, and while the fries were nice, they weren’t “the best I’ve ever had” (these can be found at Blend Love in the Gold Coast). They were cooked nicely, soft on the inside, however not very crispy on the outside. They weren’t garnished with any herbs or spices – this might have been a nice little extra touch. Nevertheless, they were still delicious and very much appreciated in this dish.

Raw N More Cafe also sell eggs, a few other grocer items and a wide variety of beverages including cold pressed coffees, juices, kombucha and Emma & Tom’s milks. The staff were super friendly and knowledgeable, and seemed to be very personal with the other customers (obviously regulars). I was super impressed with the flavour, the portion sizes and the price. If you’re in the area, Raw N More Cafe is definitely a must dine!

Here is a copy of the breakfast and lunch menu for your viewing pleasure.



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