Original Source Shower Milk


I am absolutely obsessed with Original Source body wash/shower milks. I have been using them for quite some time and have narrowed my favourites down to these four.

Vanilla & Raspberry was my original favourite, with a strong, deep fragrance like warm fruits.

Coconut & Shea Butter is a very coconutty fragrance and smells amazing particularly post coffee-scrubbing. There’s something especially luxurious about smelling like coconut and coffee.

Green Banana & Bamboo Milk is one I have only recently discovered and immediately became obsessed with. It smells like a fresh banana smoothie or a pina colada and the fragrance is noticeable several hours after use.

Sweet Apple & Vanilla Milk is incredibly sweet like fresh fruits. A lot lighter than the Vanilla & Raspberry it has a very springtime feel about it.

If you are what you eat, i.e. what you put in your body, then you are what you put in/on your skin also. I’m a big believer in using natural skincare products and these are a big winner for me. Available from many chemists as well as your local supermarket.


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