Good Morning, hello new life.

I’ve been laying in bed, wide awake for the past hour. Finally, I decided to get up and do something useful with myself.

It’s a Sunday morning, and while 5am is a pretty standard time for me to wake up, I’m surprised how alert and good I feel, considering I was out partying last night with some girlfriends. I’ll take it.

The past 17 days I have been working without a single day off. I resigned from my casual retail position at the beginning of February, and offered to finish the weekend shifts I had been assigned for the February – assuming they’d tell me not to worry about it. The joke was on me. Luckily, my new full time position is exciting and stimulating. I’m still in that honeymoon stage where work doesn’t feel like “work”, but I’m unsure if the honeymoon stage is going to end.

I absolutely love my new job. I’m working as a Marketing Assistant to the Marketing Director at the Queensland Lions Football Club. While we are currently in the midst of finishing “Stage One” of what has been a $12 million renovation, I am buzzing with excitement for the relaunch of our Reception and Dining facilities. I guess that’s when the real action will begin.

While thus far I have been doing a lot of housekeeping tasks, I feel incredible because they’re interesting, fun tasks that are actually in line with what I want to do for the rest of my life and what I studied. I’m learning the industry from the ground up and setting an incredible foundation for my career.  It feels so good to finally start my career, especially since I have been living under that pending sense of never-getting-a-job-in-my-field doom since I graduated from my degrees.

It has been really beneficial, easing into this new position. Once the renovations are complete, it’s going to be extremely go-go-go! I cannot wait. I thrive in a fast paced environment, love being constantly busy and love challenging myself. I’m working under a very creative and intelligent Manager who I am excited to learn everything I can from about the industry as a whole.

It has also been a fantastic opportunity to begin to develop relationships with the front-of-staff team members, allowing me to learn their likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses and general demeanor/s. This is extremely important to me so I can function as a point of communication for concerns and ideas from general staff to management. I love working with people and feel I am in the optimum position to have a real impact in shaping a positive working environment, whilst also expressing my creative side.

Something I never really thought about moving from a retail environment to a hospitality environment… retail environments are not generally a place people find enjoyment. Some do, but generally, people want to be in and out, getting what the came for as easily and quickly as possible. Any unexpected disruptions, i.e. not having the product they want or the product they bought breaking due to either user negligence/product misunderstanding or manufacturing fault, is a serious inconvenience. Customers in a retail environment are not generally happy, and you can’t impact their happiness in a major way.

In the hospitality industry, you are a destination. A “club” environment is an especially exciting industry to work in as you become a whole experience. When you have the gaming and entertainment features – on top of the dining – you tend to get more regulars, becoming a real part of their lives. This gives you the opportunity to create something truly iconic.

The first two and a half weeks at my new job have flown. I seriously don’t know where the days go. I guess that’s good. But now it’s time for me to develop a new routine. Now that I have my weekends back, I’m excited to plan. Step one is getting back into my fitness. I finally have time to meal plan again and am currently shopping around for a new gym. I want something with energy, so I can start my day on an even higher note. Something about being extremely physically active has always triggered immense creativity in me and just generally made me a happier person as a whole.

Step two is finding a new place to live. I want to move closer to work. The only thing currently holding me back is the fact that my reformer pilates studio is close to where I currently live, but no where near the area where I’d like to move. This wouldn’t be a problem if I hadn’t prepaid a huge package of classes. Plus I love the instructors at my studio. I’ll adapt. Even if I have to finish this pack off and tough it out with that extra drive in the morning, it won’t be long until I can move to a closer studio.

Step three is a little life Feng shui. I’ve just started cleaning out my room, throwing out old clothes I’ll never wear again, shoes that are completely falling apart or I just don’t love anymore (I have so much room for new shoes now!!!) and just generally culling my “stuff”.

Step four is jumping right on board with the social media/public relations work I’ll be doing for a small business in my current local area. They’re a fantastic little boutique shop that specialize in vintage furniture. I am so thrilled and excited to be working with this company and cannot wait to start moving full steam ahead.

Step five, of course, is keeping my website up and running. Writing is in my blood, whether it’s ten million todo lists, or random poetry or story ideas – I am always writing something down. I really want this blog to be my baby that I regularly keep up to date.

I can’t believe two months of 2017 have already disappeared. I’ve really started to love my life again this year and am so damn excited for the ride.

Cute picture of Sean & I off to work in the morning.

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