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My New Lifestyle Project

Well good evening friends, followers, fans…recently I have been quite ill. I’ve had a few weird medical things where my beloved body has decided to turn against me and the doctor, experimenting with different illnesses I may or may not have has had me on a plethora of antibiotics. As someone who barely gets sick and absolutely refuses to go to the doctor unless it’s the last possible option…you could say I am rather inconvenienced by the hurdles that are currently plaguing my life.

In spite of this, I can be thankful. I have been inspired to commence a new project that will be interesting, purposeful and hopefully rejuvenate my body so it may return to functioning at its absolute optimum ability.

I am choosing to reveal very little regarding the details of this little project of mine, and perhaps will not be able to share for at least six months. I will tell you that I plan to create a mini video series from my research and findings to ideally inspire and enlighten audiences with my discoveries.

On another note, I am finally going overseas again…AT LONG LAST! I have booked a week long ski holiday for the first week of September in New Zealand. So prepare yourselves for some absolutely stunning photos of Queenstown and some epic, probably comedic, tales of me learning to ski.

As for me, I’m off to get dressed and go dancing, fuelled by soda water and lime in my antibiotic state.

Happy Saturday, my loves. xx


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