About Serena

16425371_590617427812337_119637569_nHello and welcome to the digitally organised version of my cluttered brain.

Here’s a few fun facts:

Born: Sydney, NSW, Australia.

Currently: Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

Countries Visited: England, France, Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Vatican City, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, New Zealand.

Starsign: Virgo.

Music: A mash up of literally everything, but key players are Pink, Eminem, Justin Timberlake & Maroon 5.

Movie: Cruel Intentions.

Pets: Teacup Toy Poodle, Lyra.

Siblings: 2/3 between 2 brothers.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Journalism, Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations).

Exercise: Gym, Brazilian Butt Lift, Reformer Pilates & many other home workout programs.

Food: Yes.

Snack of choice: Air-popped popcorn with Himalayan sea salt and coconut oil.

Hobbies: Writing, Painting, Make-up.

I collect: Make-up & Lingerie.

In my spare time you’ll find me: Napping.

Here’s a few pictures to describe me:

Love, Serena.