Original Source Shower Milk

PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT! I am absolutely obsessed withย Original Source body wash/shower milks. I have been using them for quite some time and have narrowed my favourites down to these four. Vanilla & Raspberry was my original favourite, with a strong, deep fragrance like warm fruits. Coconut & Shea Butter is a very coconutty fragrance and smells… Continue reading Original Source Shower Milk


Fresh Herb Garden

In light of my recently acquired first full time job, I am looking to move out of home very soon. I've decided to start my own herb platter boxes now to take with me, so I can continue to cook delicious food when I move on. I thought I would quickly share the progress. Thus… Continue reading Fresh Herb Garden


Naturally Hooked Bulk Foods

As a lover of healthy living and health foods, you can imagine my surprise and delight to see a bulk natural food and organic cafe opening up locally. I first spotted this gorgeous new little establishment as I passed it immediately after getting on a city-bound bus. I waited in giddy anticipation for it to… Continue reading Naturally Hooked Bulk Foods


Corbett & Claude

Today I went to Corbett & Claude in Garden City for the second time, and I can honestly say both experiences have been delightful. In a completely unoriginal manner, I ordered the same dish both times, and was not even remotely disappointed! Corbett & Claude is a casual dining Italian-esque style restaurant with locations in… Continue reading Corbett & Claude